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DITCM is the programme in the Netherlands that wants to accelerate the upscaling of cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) and Connected-Automated Driving (C-AD) in the Netherlands.

Mobility is an important topic in the Netherlands. Our economy depends on it. Our Mainports Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven need to be highly accessible, now and in the future. By collaborating in a growing living lab, companies, governments and knowledge institutes lay the foundation for develop­ments in the field of smart mobility in order to be able to guarantee the accessibility and safety of our cities in the future.

DITCM is a programme of Connekt and AutomotiveNL. The innovative parties in the smart mobility and automotive network have a shared vision, they are willing to match individual agendas and to invest in futureproof, international exportable scalable solutions together. 

What do we want to achieve?

With the DITCM programme we want to realise upscaling. Because upscaling is needed to capitalize economic value and mobility output. We want to achieve impact by making C-ITS and C-AD possible on a large scale, both on highways as in the city. This results in a strong international position, new market opportunities and faster, cleaner and safer traffic.

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