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DITCM realises these goals and programmes with members of the networks of Connekt and AutomotiveNL. This active Smart Mobility Community mainly acts from the international perspective, in which upscaling needs to result in economic enhancement and improvement of mobility. DITCM cooperates intensely with projects and programmes and with customers/ financers that stimulate DITCM’s substantive activities from their strategic and political position in order to achieve the common ambitions.

The DITCM programme organisation is small as the activities mostly take place in projects and with partners. The programme management together with the programme board steers on substantial programming and on achieving the goals that are set.


Joelle van den Broek 120x120
Joëlle van den Broek

Programme manager DITCM

Bram Hendrix 120x120
Bram Hendrix

Team member DITCM representing AutomotiveNL

Nick Juffermans 120x120
Nick Juffermans

Team member DITCM representing Connekt




Marleen Meurs

Secretariat DITCM


 Contact details

Automotive Campus 30
(Automotive House)
5708 JZ Helmond 

+31 492 56 22 11

Automotive Campus 30
(Automotive House)
5708 JZ Helmond

+31 492 56 26 50

Ezelsveldlaan 59

2611 RV, Delft

+31 15 251 65 65