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The DITCM Programme Advisory Council has the important task of annually determining the content of the DITCM programme and monitoring the substantive course taken by DITCM management under the responsibility of Connekt and AutomotiveNL.

In so doing, the DITCM programme council aims for a substantive programme which coordinates with national as well as international interests. In addition, the programme council advises the management of DITCM with regards to the strategy to be used and is explicitly involved in setting priorities in the innovation programme and entering into collaborative alliances. The programme council uses its strengths to achieve the DITCM goals by making connections at the strategic level, creating support for the DITCM programme, and communicating a clear positioning of the DITCM programme within the network, among other actions.

The DITCM programme council is staffed by 8 persons who, in a personal capacity, jointly reflect the Smart Mobility ecosystem:


1- The interest of the car driver

Ferry Smith

2- The interest of the vehicle / automotive interest

Maurice Geraets

3- The interest of infrastructure / roadside systems

Klaas Rozema (Chairperson)

4- The interest and opportunities of the after-sales market (portable ICT products)

Jan van der Wel

5- The interests of (international) national governments

Vacancy due to departure of Andre van Lammeren

6- The interests of regional governments (cities and provinces)

Michelle Vlug

7- The interest of fundamental science in the field of smart mobility

Vacancy due to departure of Carlo van der Weijer

8- The interest of applied knowledge in the field of smart mobility

Vacancy due to departure of Leo Kusters


For more information: Click here for the Terms of reference of DITCM Programme Council